At MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS we understand the needs of the new financial era which makes effective Investor Relations communications necessary between the potential investee and financial source to establish and create long terms relationships.

Operating Statement

Experienced professionals in many locations with broad industry experience.

  • Employing diverse talents
    “MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS” professional staff represents people with backgrounds in Investor Relations Accounting, Finance, Law, Operations, Business Development, Consulting and Executive Management.
  • Close contact with leaders in our markets
    We supplement our own experience with industrial advisory boards made up of leading national and international business people.
  • Partnership with successful managers
    “MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS” has developed long-standing relationships with successful Senior Executives in numerous industries.
  • Motivating our professionals
    “MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS” professionals are incentivized to ensure the successful financial and business development for the companies/project/trade we are responsible for.


The Management team of “MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS” not only draws upon years of investment experience, but also business development and managerial experience, thus guiding investee companies according to areas of expertise. Our director(s) have developed robust analytical techniques and procedures to effectively target promising companies in high growth industries.

“MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS” most valuable resource is our staff members, from investment professionals, business consultants to support staff. Our team is truly committed and responsible to our investors by carefully selecting investments and portfolio companies. We conduct due diligence and feasibility studies without compromising on quality and time. We also monitor our investments and portfolio closely to ensure that our investments and business development techniques continue to deliver excellent returns to our shareholders investors and portfolio members.


  • Value reward
  • International opportunities
  • Priority customers


  • Vision towards business sustainability
  • Independent investment decision & management
  • Professional team


  • Value-added post management
  • Innovated technologies & products
  • Pioneering business growth

Business goals & objectives

Our investors look to us to generate significant long-term capital appreciation through a diverse portfolio of companies producing strong and stable returns.

Value Adding

Since its inception, MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS” has differentiated itself through a unique combination of elements:

  • Broad international capabilities with global affiliation and international investment and business development experience
  • Local resources in targeted countries
  • Strong industry knowledge in targeted sectors
  • Significant experience with international finance markets

Business strategy

“MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS” competitive advantages improve our ability to execute at all stages of the business development and investment process-from identifying investment opportunities to supporting the development of portfolio companies, real estate projects and capitalizing on the most attractive exits for our capital partners.

Broad domestic capabilities with global affiliation and international investment experience.  “MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS” has one of the broadest reach to any financial source, with representation in many countries. Being a regional firm with international affiliations enhances our ability to identify trends that will create new opportunities, evaluate investments more intelligently and generate superior investment returns for our capital partners.

Local Resources

In each of the markets in which we support to invest or provide our business development, “MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS” will have local nationals who understand the local environment, business practices and regulations. As a result, we are better able to generate proprietary deal flow, conduct in-depth due diligence, monitor investments and help grow our portfolio companies successfully.

Strong Industry Knowledge/Sector Strategy

We believe industry knowledge and operating experience are increasingly vital to ensure that companies implement their plans through our Investor Relations and achieve their goals. With our sector-focused approach, we have achieved success and leaders in each of our supported industries.