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The aim of MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS is to provide financial assistance to projects and new start, expansion or trading companies on Investor Relations by providing direct access to our partner capital sources by delivering Investor Relations Services.

MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS provides a wealth of expertise and insights within the financial markets to support our clients in obtaining the capital needed to start or expand their business. We support our clients to establish successful Investor Relations Strategies and communicate their financial need to our partner financial institutions/providers. Our IR Consulting will be particularly relevant for companies or projects seeking SEED Capital, Venture Capital, Private Equity or any other financial instrument that will secure their Business/Project or Trade.

Our Investor Relations focuses by providing funding, expertise and networks to emerging companies in South East Asia/Pacific.

We work closely with our portfolio companies and provide access to key players, markets and capital through our strong industrial and financial networks.

At MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS we partner with companies, private equity investors, institutional investors and major banking corporations to provide the easiest access to funds or financial instruments.

MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS serves as a fiduciary for global institutional investor clients that have increasing needs for alternative asset investment management services, which want to benefit from the continued relatively higher growth and positive structural changes underway in most Asian countries and the current adverse conditions prevailing in the global and local debt and equity markets, by way of direct investment funds with prudent levels of risk exposure.

Our Approach

Introduction to our portfolio companies regarding Investor Relations

Investor Relations are the term used to describe the ongoing activity of companies communicating with the investment community. Investor Relations is essentially the communication part to obtain the capital needed to start or expand your business/project/trade or to bring our portfolio companies on the stock market and interacting with existing shareholders, potential investors, analysts and journalists.

MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS can take many forms, for example, meetings with investors, company news-releases, annual reports and websites. The commonality however, is that each of the communication tools that companies utilize are designed to inform stakeholders about the company, so that they can gain a greater understanding about the company’s business, its governance, financial performance and respects. This is not to say that the communication is just one-way.

Our Investor Relations is a dialogue and is as much about companies explaining their business to the investment community as it is about companies listening to the views and feedback from that very group. For many quoted companies, the dialogue will begin in the pre-IPO phase, when the company is profiling itself to what is often a new set of potential investors. Once the first round capital or actual investment is received and we move further to expansion stage, the communication continues with shareholders and financial market commentators, as well as with other potential investors.

Reflecting its nature to inform and update the investment community, our Investor Relations is very much seen as a long-term, ongoing responsibility rather than an activity that companies undertake occasionally. MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS will nurture our portfolio companies.

Our Division

MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS is a subsidiary division operating under the umbrella of MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS which provides a platform for the South East Asian/Pacific Market within

  • Retail/Distribution
  • Investor Relations
  • Development
  • Technology
  • Trading/Commodity Services
  • Networks

The Management team of MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS does not only draw upon years of investment experience, but also managerial experience, this guiding investee companies according to areas of expertise. Our directors have developed robust analytical techniques and procedures to effectively identify the exact capital source/providers towards the financial needs of our clients which make it easy to apply or enter the communication towards the investment Industry.

Our Performance

Our investors look to us to generate significant long-term capital appreciation through a diverse portfolio of companies producing strong and stable returns. And our portfolio companies expect us to provide excellent Investor Relation Techniques to assure long term financial partnerships

Value Adding

Since its inception, MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS has differentiated itself through a unique combination of elements:

  1. Broad Asian capabilities with global affiliation and international investment resources
  2. Establishment an in-house Investor Relations Division.
  3. Local resources in targeted countries
  4. Strong industry knowledge in targeted sectors
  5. Significant experience with international finance markets and providers

These competitive advantages improve our ability to execute at all stages of the investment process from identifying investment opportunities to supporting the capital needs of our portfolio companies.

A. Broad Asian capabilities with global affiliation and international investment resources

MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS has one of the broadest reach for capital resources by being Legal Market Representative for International funds, Investment Banks, Private Equity and Global Investor Groups targeting the South East Asia/Pacific market. Being a regional firm with international affiliations enhances our ability to identify the capital source or trends that will create new opportunities, support business growth, expansion or to evaluate investments more intelligently that will generate superior investment returns to our capital partners.

B. In-House Investor Relations

MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS can provide in-house or online training towards “Investor Relations Activities” with the establishment and training of an Integrated In-house Investor Relations Division.

We educate and support our clients to engage within communications strategies provided by our Investor Relations Officer.

For some companies/projects their efforts in the IR area have been somewhat scattered due to the lack of knowledge within IR services. Our Investor Relations service strategy is meant to review and organize the previous efforts. When better prepared or organized our client’s company/project will move forward with consistent communications to keep their investors informed of company/project progress.”

A major piece of our IR training approach is maximizing the dissemination of the company/project news through regular updates using multiple communications platforms. This program will keep interested shareholders and active investors up-to-date on company activities on a day-to-day basis.

Implementation of the IR division program will include an upgrade of the company’s web tools to establish them as the company’s/project official investor public forum. The redesign of the company’s online presence will embrace interactive capabilities to facilitate and enhance the relationship with the company’s/Project investor audience.

Key Practicalities

  • Secure Board commitment
  • Form the investor relations team and assign responsibilities
  • Identify current and future shareholders and capital
  • Determine investment proposition
  • Select our clients communication tools
  • Aim for a level of analyst and media coverage
  • Set our clients financial reporting calendar
  • Review our clients strategy
  • Tap into offshore markets to support export and distribution channels
  • Maintain a monitoring of the business practices of our portfolio companies
  • Identify management and operation errors within our portfolio companies

C. Local resources

In each of the markets we support we have local nationals who understand the local environment, business practices and regulations. As a result, we are better able to generate proprietary deal flow, conduct in-depth due diligence, co-monitor investments and help grow our portfolio companies successfully by deliver 2 side investor relations communications.

D. Strong industry knowledge/sector strategy

We believe industry knowledge and operating experience are increasingly vital to ensure that companies implement their plans and achieve their goals successfully. With our sector-focused Investor Relations Services, we have achieved success and leadership companies in each of our supported industries.

E. Access to capital and significant experience with international financial markets

MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS delivers one of the most flexible ways to use Investor Relations Techniques and access to financial markets/providers.

The ability for us to raise capital and the ease with which that capital is raised are often seen as key measures as to how successful we can create an IR division with our portfolio companies. Entering into a dialogue and developing relationships with the investment community over time so that its participants become cognizant with the company and its investment proposition is generally seen as a worthwhile exercise when trying to achieve efficient, cost-effective access to capital.

MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS most valuable resource is our staff members, from investment professionals to support staff. Our team is truly committed and responsible to our clients and investors by carefully selecting investments or capital providers. We conduct due diligence and feasibility studies without compromising on quality and time. We also co-monitor our portfolio companies closely by ensuring our Investor Relations Techniques.

Our Industry

Why commit to our Investor Relations?

Fundamentally, the remit of our investor relations is not only to create an awareness and understanding of our portfolio companies/projects amongst the investment community, and communicate best practice, it is also to help quoted and new start companies/projects gain access to several capital sources but also to achieve liquidity in, and fair valuation for their shares.

How we work?

MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS is entrusted by its providers to identify businesses/trades that it believes are capable of generating long term capital appreciation. This means having the support of experienced investment professionals in the right places identifying the right opportunities. Our providers are guided in turn by a decision-making process comprising committees and their Group’s Board.

Over the last 10 years we have seen significant movements in the capital markets, accompanied by changes in the speed and method of information dissemination. There have also been tectonic shifts in the structure of global financial power in favor of the BRIC economies and significant swings in the flow of investment funds towards hedge and sovereign wealth funds. These trends are likely to continue over the coming years.

For quoted or new start projects/companies this means a continuing challenge to attract and retain investment funds. MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS is therefore essential. Far from being an additional cost, our effective Investor Relations program can not only save valuable management time, but can also help to deliver a fair valuation for the company’s equity, reduced funding costs and provide a resilient shareholder base which will stand the company in good stead if times get tough.

To be effective however, our Investor Relations Services and those carrying it out, must have the full commitment and support of the Board and senior management of our portfolio companies. Properly used, our Investor Relations team will be the eyes and ears of the company/project in the market and will deliver valuable insight into market sentiment.

We should remember that communication should be about dialogue, not just a one way flow of information. With corporate governance now moving up the agenda, a wise management team should listen to what investors are saying and we have the ability to in-house educate these management teams through our business and Investor Relations consulting, in order to help them maintain their growth plan that we will provide for each portfolio company but also to maintain a well established communication stream with their stakeholders, in order to strengthen their potential or to maintain a market leader in their Industry.

MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS will provide valuable tools for all portfolio companies to secure best practice Investor Relations to be embraced by all management teams we will train or support.

MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS is committed to promote effective two/three way communications between our portfolio companies, financial markets and offshore markets.

Financial Products

Venture Capital

Different Industries, different players!

MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS is able to communicate projects towards its partner Venture Capital Institutions in order to raise the capital for the development of the project/business.

“Venture capital makes entrepreneurship possible and drives our economy; many of today’s most successful companies wouldn’t exist without it”.

MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS can deliver 100% up-front capital from its partner’s liquidity to fund the project up-on the acceptance of their terms and conditions

Our Institutional Capital sources are high net worth corporations and individuals who have placed their identifying trust in MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS to effectively communicate the company/projects/technology towards their industry experts and conduct pre-due diligence before proceeding to the investment procedure/agreement in order to invest their capital in valuable high growth, high return companies/projects or technologies.

Joint Venture

As business projects get larger, technology more expensive, and the costs of failure too large to be borne alone, then you may feel the need to work with joint ventures. In general, a joint venture (“JV”) is an association of two or more entities (whether corporate, government, individual or otherwise) combining property and expertise to carry out a single business enterprise and having a joint proprietary interest, a joint right to control and a sharing of profits and losses.

MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS has supported businesses to reach beyond national boundaries in an effort to locate new opportunities for growth, new markets, in connection with the preferences and support of our capital partners. At MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS we focus on foreign markets who offer unique opportunities, and firms who look to JVs with one or more partners for assistance in entering these new markets. We have the ability enter these markets through our well established governmental contacts in the South East Asia/Pacific market.

The formation of a JV can be a complex process. This is why we can support the set up of your JV. MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS will select and define the specific goals of your enterprise, the structure of the JV will be negotiated and the numerous legal issues will be recognized and resolved.

Commercial Loans

Through our wide network and personal connection with international commercial development banks we make it easy for our clients to apply for a commercial loan.

We support the finances of income-generating businesses and can apply financing from our partner commercial development banks.

Applying for commercial development loans can be a complicated and lengthy process without assistance or investor relations.

At MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS we prepare the loan applications together with the requested documents needed specifically by each commercial development banks.

Funding options are outlined as followed:

Debt Financing, Equity Finance, Private Financing, Cash Flow Financing and Public Offerings

Debt Finance

Available for companies needing expansion or acquisition capital of $250,000, or more:

Business loans $250,000 to $150,000,000
Business Real Estate Loans $1,000,000 to $300,000,000
Hard Money (quick turn) Mortgages $500,000 to $20,000,000
Rural Development Loans $1,000,000 to $25,000,000
SBA 7(A) (Start-ups, Acquisitions, Working Capital) $500,000 to $1,000,000
SBA 504 (Acquisition, Expansion, Renovation) $500,000 to $5,000,000
Commercial Construction (2 years max) $1,000,000 to $100,000,000
Sale / Lease Back $1,000,000 to $25,000,000
Bridge Financing $500,000 to $5,000,000
International Financing $10,000,000 to $200,000,000

Sub-Debt Financing: Asset based mezzanine funding. Due to risk, rates are higher than senior debt.

Stock options are often included, or are required:

Funding available: $300,000 to $10,000,000.

Projects are considered on a case by case basis.

  • Generally: Terms up to 20 years. Rates are prime + and comparable to local banks. Basic rules of finance apply: the higher the risk, the higher the interest rate and fees.
  • Required from borrowers: Business plan and supporting documents, 20-30% equity, sufficient cash flow to service the debt, track record, collateral, and full disclosure. There are no application fees. Clients are expected to cover the costs of appraisals, evaluations, travel, attorneys etc.
  • NOTICE: In case of NO collateral to obtain the commercial loan, MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS can provide collateral assistance and will guide our client towards the Memorandum of understand this way creating extra services to effective serve our clients potential obstacles.

Equity Finance

For established businesses poised for rapid growth and exceptional profits. Investors are looking for Niche Markets with unusually high entry barriers and exceptional management teams. Company objectives need to be consistent with the Investor’s.

Equity Financing: Expansion and Growth $1,000,000 to $300,000,000

Acquisitions $1,000,000 to $300,000,000

Equity Financing involves selling an interest in your company to the Private Equity Group or Individual. This form of financing will mean relinquishing a portion of the ownership and control of the business to the investor/group. How much ownership and control you will need to give up is determined by your specific circumstances.

Equity deals will take longer time to complete than debt financing. The client should be prepared for the process to take 9 months, the time frame can be shorter but this is the exception. The client needs an exciting product or business. The management team has to be exceptionally talented. The package submitted has to be complete. The documentation and personal presentation must be able to excite the person you are asking to invest in your business.

Many uniformed clients are looking for equity funding with the misconception it is a loan that does not need to be repaid on a monthly basis. Clients want 100% financing, total control of the company and no monthly payments. That is just not realistic. With debt you have a loan that must be repaid and it is on your balance sheet as a liability. With an equity investor you will give up some ownership and there will be a high return exit strategy for the investor.

Private Finance

Private Financing is where a business seller takes back a promissory note from the business buyer for all, or a part of the purchase price of the business. The note, when used in a business transaction, is called a “Business Note”. The note is a document signed by the buyer stating the loan amount, the interest rate, along with the time and method of payment. If the transaction also includes real estate, there will be a separate document called a “Mortgage Note”.

Bank Guarantee

The BG’s MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS deals in are genuinely 100% cash-backed and therefore usable as collateral. Our issuers only use top 25 World Banks – mainly from Europe and Asia like HSBC, Deutsche Bank, UBS etc. This guarantees world wide acceptance of your Bank Guarantees.

These Bank Guarantees’s are generated by “someone” blocking their funds on your behalf, so we speak of a“leased” Bank Guarantees. In other words the Bank Guarantees is owned by the issuer and you are the beneficiary.

The Bank Guarantees is generally issued for 1year and 1 day, but can easily be extended up to 5 years. (It is possible to get a Bank Guarantees for only 6 months). Once issued the Bank Guarantees is transferred to your bank via the Swift protocol of MT760.

Of course, Leasing of a Bank Guarantees comes at a cost. And to be very honest: at a high cost. Financing your project by using a Bank Guarantees is very expensive. First you need to pay money to the issuer of the Bank Guarantees plus commission to the consultants facilitating the process, Then you need to give the Bank Guarantees to your bank, who are providing a Line of Credit against the Bank Guarantees, which may only be up to 90% LTV or less. And usually, your bank will charge a one off fee to ‘monetize’ the instrument and also charge interest on the drawn down loan amount.

To successfully apply for a Bank Guarantees you need to be aware of four vital points:

  1. You need to have a good project.
  2. You need to have a bank funding your project based on the supporting collateral of an issued Bank Guarantees.
  3. You need to have the money to pay for the leasing of the Bank Guarantees.
  4. You need to have a believable and realistic exit strategy to repay the loan and return the Bank Guarantees at the end of the term.

The entire Bank Guarantees’ we deal with are callable, assignable, fully transferable and alienable. If you are thinking of using a Bank Guarantees to participate in a High Yield Trade Program, we are more than happy to assist you in acquiring the Bank Guarantees and placing it into trade. However, you need to be very sure you are able to pay the leasing fees of the Bank Guarantees before issue, as most providers will not allow the instrument to be taken into a Trade Program unless and until the fee is paid. You cannot pay the lease fee from the program returns. It is also not possible to use a Bank Guarantees to secure a commodity trade and pay for the Bank Guarantees out of the profits from the transaction.

When paid for and used correctly, these instruments provide numerous lucrative options.

MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS can provide SBLC’s, BG’s and CD’s, which can be blocked or delivered via SWIFT.

Typical projects we have had successful applications for are:

  • Construction and Development
  • Resorts -Building or Upgrading
  • Growing a Company
  • Trade Programs

Cash Flow Finance

This financial tool is neither debt, nor equity financing. It is the purchase of a cash flow stream from a business by a funding source. Cash flow financing usually occurs when a business is growing faster than it can collect its receivables. When a cash flow stream is sold, the present value of the asset is determined by the investor. Assets are priced to reflect the original amount along with a risk and reward calculation. Risk is determined by several factors and is greatly influenced by the credit of the payer, and not the business requesting the financing.

Cash Flow Financing can include any transaction where there is a receivable, including:

Commercial Leases Equipment Payments Purchase Orders
Sales Invoices Memberships Royalties

Other Benefits of Cash Flow Financing can include:

  1. Immediate cash.
  2. Flexibility in plans for growth.
  3. Access to cash despite credit rating.
  4. Greater equity in the business and less debt.
  5. More flexibility in offering terms to Clients.
  6. Ongoing monitoring of customer’s credit status.


For a quotation of the present value of the cash flow asset send the basic information concerning the payments being received, your funding request, and information on the payer.

Public Offerings

A further solution to raise the capital needed to expand or start your company is becoming a public company.

Our resources and relationships in the financial communities as well as experience in helping companies go public allow us to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of services. We maintain relations with underwriters, market makers, merchant banks and other financial institutions so we offer the most complete ‘going public’ services.

We partner with over 5,000 institutional investors and hedge funds that are willing to invest in newly formed public companies.

Due Diligence

We understand when our clients have concerns about paying Due Diligence Fees. We also understand that if the project requires that due diligence be performed before funding can take place then that is exactly what needs to happen. When clients deny a funding source the opportunity to investigate the soundness of the transaction then the deal stops there.

Clients are required to pay for the costs of verifying and confirming the information provided by an institution. We have sophisticated investors that do their best to avoid funding bad investments. Therefore they have to take steps to confirm the accuracy of the information. When funding a project can be accomplished without due diligence fees, we are excited as you?? (then this is great news for you and your project).

We appreciate that most clients are truthful, have extensive experience, and have verifiable information. Many clients have appraisals, audited financial statements, and third party opinions about their projects. However, you would never go to court and use the other persons’ attorney. In financing projects, our investors require that they have an opportunity to verify the clients’ information before writing a check. It costs money to verify the information, to fly to the clients’ location, along with hotel costs, attorney fees, accounting fees, and have individuals, who have expertise in that field, to consult with the investor. The client is required to cover all these costs.

When you apply for a home mortgage, you do not expect the mortgage company to pay for the appraisal. That is a cost the client must absorb. There are also fees for credit checks, and loan origination. It is not very likely that a client looking in the secondary market for business financing will have a deal as easy to do or has less risk than a home mortgage. Therefore, it is logical to expect to pay the appropriate fees. A client always has the opportunity to verify the creditworthiness of the investor before paying any fees.

In fact, we encourage this. The more comfortable the client is the more successful we will be in putting together a deal which will benefit the client’s company and make it more profitable. Due Diligence Fees are only paid when both sides are comfortable with the project, and there is a clear understanding of the costs of moving forward.

Real funding sources do not charge fees just to put the money in their pocket. The Funders that the project corporation? Works with have the capital to invest in others, they don’t need to con a client out of money, and put up with the headaches that would come with that situation.

For Clients with real projects, we are confident that we can alleviate any concerns about Due Diligence Fees, provide the funding needed to acquire the assets which in turn will generate revenue and increase the bottom line of the company.

The company cannot guarantee that a funder will not find something in their due diligence that will undo their enthusiasm of moving forward.

Offshore Banking & Corporations

MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS has been assisting clients to establish and administer offshore and international bank accounts/corporations and has developed useful expertise in identifying and working with suitable partners.

Most importantly, MOEBIUS INVESTMENT FUNDS is not an offshore bank, we partner with licensed international and offshore corporate and trust services providers. However, a significant percentage of the companies and trusts they administer establish accounts with international and offshore banks rather than domestic banks because often their characteristics include:

  • Familiarity with offshore and international business.
  • Worldwide investment and business perspective.
  • Tax-efficiency.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Lack of foreign exchange controls.
  • Access to special investment opportunities.

The objective of this section of our website is to advise potential clients of the “basics” and to provide answers to the more common questions relating to offshore corporate and bank account establishment.